Monday, September 06, 2004

The Weekend: 50,000-foot overview

I started writing up something about our weekend on the laptop during our trip home from Duluth today. After writing up a couple entries, I realized that I should write up at least some sort of overview, before diving right into the self-centered stories.


We left for Duluth on Friday after Linzy finished work (4:30 pm). The drive north leaving that late in the day was like torture. It took us exactly 2 hours to reach North Branch, which is a mere 53 miles away. Yep, a staggering 26.5 miles per hour average speed. It was awesome. The strange thing is that the traffic was decidedly better then normal from the perspective that we never really hit ‘parking lot’ mode, but instead kept creeping along at mind-numbingly slow speeds. But the roads were backed up much, much farther north then they normally are. So instead of getting out of the traffic at 694, we were in heavy, slow traffic until almost North Branch. We also had to stop in Moose Lake to drop off some things for Linzy’s Aunt’s garage sale, so we didn’t arrive at Linzy’s parents place until 9:10 pm. For those non-mathletes out there, that is 4 hours and 40 minutes for a trip that normally takes somewhere less then 3 hours.


On Saturday, Linzy headed into town with her Mom (who was going to work). That left Larry and me at home, and I talked him into doing some more work on his re-siding-the-house project.

There hasn’t been much visible progress made since I was up there a month-and-a-half ago. Larry did finish caulking all the plywood joints, and they tossed the shower into the bathroom (that is, not actually installed the shower, but just placed the shower into the room). Otherwise, Larry said it had been raining on the weekends, which was preventing him from doing much.

Anyways, all we got accomplished on Saturday before the wedding was framing up the exterior wall that we ripped out in the process of removing the cast-iron tub from the bathroom, and re-attaching the plywood.

That afternoon we went to the wedding, which was nice, but clearly the wedding of a not-so-close friend. I’m sure everyone has been to one of those wedding, where you don’t know anyone else there. Or at least not well enough to integrate yourself in the circles of closer friends of the bride and groom.

The reception was held at the Lakeview Castle (where our reception was too), and was pretty fancy. They had the room set for 400, and in talking with one of the servers; they thought about 360 people showed. And boy did the drinkers represent. At one point, very early in the night, Linzy and I went up to get some beer. Nope, they were temporarily out while the staff got permission to tap a third keg. We just barely polished off two kegs at my wedding, with the second keg getting fried after midnight or so. Granted we had less people, but some of my college buddies can certainly put away the booze. At this wedding, the second keg was already gone by like 7:30pm. More kegs were tapped soon after, and I have no idea how many they went through, or what the bar tab was.

We didn’t stay too late, not knowing anyone there; by about 10:00 or so we had had enough.


On Sunday it rained pretty much all day. That prevented me from making Larry work on the house anymore, since our next step was supposed to be wrapping the house in Typar. So instead Linzy and I spent most of the afternoon looking all over Duluth at snow blowers. They had what looked like a good deal on one at Sears, but we had to check out the alternatives. In the end I decided that they were all just too big to fit comfortably in the garage, and that I just wanted to get a single-stage smaller snow blower. That should be sufficient for most of the snowstorms we get here, and will be much easier to store in the garage then a two-stage snow thrower. Since we ended up not deciding on anything, it was pretty much a waste of an afternoon.

The rest of the day was spent watching my three most hated sports on TV: Golf, Nascar, and college football (when teams I don’t know anything about, or care about are playing). It was a bust of a weekend for watching sports on TV, as the previous night I was even denied being able to watch the Gophers absolutely beating Toledo down. Even though the game was being played late Saturday night, none of the 4 stations in Duluth were carrying the game.

That pretty much covers the basics of the weekend, I have a few other stories to tell, but I haven’t finished writing them up yet. To be continued…

[ Incidentally, I am not sure what the best format to post these multi-day overviews is. In the past, I’ve broken them apart by day into separate posts. I thought the shorter posts were a little more manageable to read. If you like that better then one mega-post, let me know in the comments. ]

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Brenden Johnson said...

I think either long or short works. If you're on a roll with writing, you might as well keep going with it. If I *had* to choose, I'd probably say break them up a little bit--but you know how I write--my posts can go on forever sometimes, so don't listen to me.