Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Weekend: The Brother-in-law

I mentioned a few days ago that the wedding we went to this weekend was clearly the wedding of a ‘not-so-close’ friend. This was readily made apparent by the fact that by far our most entertainment came from my brother-in-law.

Now my brother-in-law wasn’t invited to the wedding, despite the fact that he also knew the bride (in the same way Linzy did, since their Aunt lived right next door to the Bride’s Grandmother). I’m not sure why he wasn’t invited, but in the bride/groom’s defense, wedding invite lists can be tricky. Someone always gets left off.

Anyways, as far as I could tell my brother-in-law wasn’t exactly heartbroken at not being invited. Instead, he was having himself a two-day bender.

My brother-in-law lives at home with Linzy’s parents. So it was weird that no one knew where he was on Friday night, but not too surprising. When he didn’t end up coming home Friday night, and was MIA on Saturday, it was also not too out-of-the-ordinary.

What was surprising was running into him in the parking lot of the Lakeview Castle, where the reception was being held. He wasn’t crashing the party, it just happens to be one of his normal hangouts, but he was pretty ripped up. So much so that he was still wearing his golf shoes (as in, the ones with little spikes on the bottom) despite the fact that he hadn’t played golf since that morning.

He also divulged that he couldn’t exactly determine if he had pissed his pants the previous night, or just spilled a beer on them. Nonetheless, those pants were still part of the current drinking uniform (along with the golf shoes).

My brother-in-law also mentioned that at some point he decided he hated Kyle Busch, and so went ‘Kyle Busch sucks’, ripped his buddy’s brand new Kyle Busch hat off (his buddy’s head) and threw it out the window of the truck while they were headed down the freeway. Amazingly enough, the friend wasn’t as amused by this as everyone else who heard the story.

Later that night, after we had gotten dinner at the reception and ventured upstairs to the bar to talk to him, we got a bit more of the story.

My brother-in-law and his golfing buddies had been out partying the previous night. In one of those ‘makes sense at the time’ decisions, after an all-night binge they decided to go to the Lakeview Castle for breakfast. After they were somewhat insulting to the owner (who was coming to open the place up), they ended up not getting breakfast but instead drinking in the bar. Then they drank before, during and after golf, eventually ending up in back at the Castle just at the time the wedding was moving from the church to the reception hall. Wearing golf shoes and (hopefully) beer stained shorts.

Some extra amusement was had from the fact that Linzy’s parents were also present at the wedding and for the pre-reception parking lot conversation, so I’m sure they were quite thrilled with their son.

My brother-in-law ended up getting a ride home around 4am on Sunday, and spent pretty much the rest of the weekend sleeping on the couch.

Imagine that.

[ I feel like I should mention something, so you don't get the wrong idea: I like my brother-in-law. He is a good guy, and not a drunkard. I just through the two-day bender story was funny, particularly the golf shoes and questionable shorts ]

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