Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Weekend: Church Construction

The wedding Linzy and I attended last Saturday was held at French River Lutheran, the church Linzy grew up going to, and where she was confirmed. It was not, however, the church we were married at, despite the fact that we were married in Duluth.

Linzy and I had a long engagement; we were engaged in the fall of 2001 and weren’t married until the summer of 2003. Since we wanted a summer wedding in Duluth, we had only two choices for wedding dates, the summer of 2002, or the summer of 2003. We chose 6/14/2003, because we didn’t want to be rushed in our planning.

The very first thing we arranged was to use French River Lutheran as our church. That solidified our wedding date, and off we went to plan the rest of the wedding. Almost a year later, during our trip to Duluth for Christmas 2002, we heard second-hand that French River Lutheran was going to start a 2-year construction project to expand the (rather small) church.

That came as a rather large surprise to us, since we had heard nothing of the sort. A few frantic phone calls later confirmed that the church was in fact going to be under construction, and even worse, it would be basically completely torn up in June of 2004. The first thing they were going to start working on was the entry way, leaving the church effectively un-useable (since there was only one entrance).

So, 6 months from our wedding date, we were now without a church, despite the fact that the church was the very first thing that had been arranged. The search for a new church probably deserves an entry of its own, for now it is sufficient to say that after about 4 weeks of extra stress and many, many phone calls, we were able to find another church that wasn’t already booked for our date.

Anyways, back to the point of this entry. Saturday was the first time we had been back to the church since they started construction (yes, yes, I know we have been naughty in our church attendance). It really looks nice.

The new entryway is much more open and airy. They also added a bit more seating to the worship area, although the new seating looked like it might be a bit view-obstructed. The construction is still in progress, but it was sufficiently done so that it didn’t really detract from wedding ceremony.

Considering it’s been almost two years since they originally announced the construction, and the church is still not complete, I’m really glad we didn’t try to hold the wedding ceremony at French River.

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