Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Books: The Last Rune Series

When we last left our intrepid book reader, he had just finished The Dark Remains, book 3 in the Last Rune series. I've since finished the remaining 3 books in the series, Blood of Mystery, Gates of Winter, and The First Stone

You may recall that I was less then impressed with book 3. I'm happy to report that the books got better, with Gates of Winter being the highlight of the series. By the later books in the series, Mark Anthony finally hit his stride. He worked up to a solid group of characters, developed them (as opposed to using them as creature fodder), and was finally able to convey a sense of urgency to the character's actions.

It was also very satisfying to be able to read through an entire series and finish it. A lot of the other books I read are situated in the middle of epic series with no end in sight. So while all those books are good, very little gets resolved.

For example, Robert Jordan is in the middle of a 14 year, 10 book series (!), with each book weighing in at somewhere over 800 pages and no end in sight. Terry Goodkind is on book 8. George R.R. Martin is only on book three, and his books are taking a staggering 4 years a piece to write.

Anyways, overall the Last Rune series was good. It had it's share of issues, but for the most part the books were interesting and well-written (particularly the last two books). If you see them half-priced, or in a bargain bin, I would recommend picking them up.

For a change of pace, I am now reading Cosmos, which I picked up for $0.50 at a local church's rummage sale.


Pete said...

I think you meant to say that you are currently reading Cosmo's, rather than Cosmos. That sounds more up your alley.

Steve Eck said...

You caught me.

I'm all about articles like 'How to talk to him so he'll listen', and '7 Crucial things your gym forgot to tell you'. :)