Monday, October 11, 2004

Daily Music Update 10/11

What is this? - Yesterday's List - Legend

Marilyn MansonThe Golden Age Of Grotesque (2 tracks)
Marilyn MansonPortrait of an American Family (2 tracks)
Marilyn MansonSmells like children (2 tracks)
Maroon 5Songs about Jane (2 tracks)
Matchbox 20Yourself or Someone Like You (2 tracks)
Metallica...And Justice For All (2 tracks)
MetallicaGarage Inc. (Disc 1) (2 tracks)


Steve Eck said...

I had some issues with the MP3 Logger today, so I had to create this more-or-less by hand. Thus no information on numbers of tracks. That'll ruin your day, I'm sure.

Brenden Johnson said...

This is crap. I'm not reading this blog again until the number of tracks is listed.

Steve Eck said...

Rest assured, the problem has been resolved and will Never Happen Again.

[ Inside joke from work, every time anything bad happens we always end up in a post-mortem where someone inevitably asks 'How can we make sure this Never Happens Again'. ]