Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Daily Music Update 10/12

What is this? - Yesterday's List - Legend

MetallicaGarage Inc. (Disc 1) (7 tracks)
MetallicaGarage Inc. (Disc 2) (16 tracks)
MetallicaLoad (14 tracks)
MetallicaMaster of Puppets (8 tracks)


McBrideFarm said...

So much Metallica...you must have a headache!

Steve Eck said...

Well, I like Metallica, so no headaches here. :)

Keep in mind it's over the course of a day. 4 cds would only be around 4-5 hours. I could take an hour break in between each one and still finish them in my normal 8-9 hour workday.

In this case, the cds were short, and I was part way through Garage Inc (Disc 1) so I doubt it was even 4 hours of music. I spent most of the day helping co-workers with problems, so I didn't listen to as much music as a normal day.