Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Daily Music Update 10/13

What is this? - Yesterday's List - Legend

MetallicaMetallica (Black Album) (10 tracks)
MetallicaRide the Lightning (8 tracks)
MetallicaS&M (Disc 1) (11 tracks)
MetallicaS&M (Disc 2) (10 tracks)
The Mighty Mighty BosstonesLet's Face It (12 tracks)
MinistryPsalm 69 (9 tracks)
The MisfitsLegacy of Brutality (12 tracks)
The MisfitsThe Misfits (15 tracks)


Brenden Johnson said...

A day plus two half days of Metallica is a lot even for a big fan. Hopefully you enjoyed it. And thankfully you didn't have to listen to their new crappy one that they had to entice people with a free DVD to buy.

Steve Eck said...

Yeah, you'll notice the distinct lack of Kill Em All, Reload, and St Anger (quite possibly the worst album by a major band, ever). That made things significantly easier.

The Metallica stretch wasn't nearly as hard to listen to as the Jay-Z stretch.