Sunday, October 03, 2004

Duluth = Cold

Did I say highs of 50 degrees F this weekend in Duluth, MN? Foolish me. It was actually 37F at 3pm on Friday when we pulled up to Linzy's parents house. Yep, thats right, a mere 5 degrees above freezing.

Walking in the house reminded us of another thing, there isn't any heat in their house right now. Back in July we had to cut a piece of the radiator tubing, in order to get the 400 pound cast-iron tub out the wall of the bathroom.

Months go by, and everyone was more worried about finishing the exterior work, so the tube never got replaced/re-routed. Obviously you can't use radiator-based heat if the system isn't a big connected loop. So then October rolls around, and suddenly it is below 40 out, and getting down to 27F at night, you don't have any heat in the house.

I was kind of thinking that I would have to wear a stocking cap to bed, but it turned out to be not that bad. At least after Mom ran the oven on pre-heat with the oven door open all night long. I don't want to see that electricity bill, but everyone was toasty warm.

For now I've only uploaded one picture, of Travis (red shirt crouched down) and I (ski hat in the background) working on a corner piece, and Darren working on a siding piece in the foreground.

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