Monday, October 04, 2004

Duluth: Siding the House Pictures

The side of the house pre-siding.

Back of the house, pre-siding.

Larry and his brother-in-law Dave, working on the starter strip on the back of the house.

Story of the day Saturday, standing around watching someone else working.

Side of the house, the only section with any siding by the end of Saturday.

Working on the back of the house.

The scaffolding in the back was a bit of a death-rig.

I have to climb on this step-stool? That doesn't seem safe.

The back, fully sided.

It was a lot warmer in the sun, so people tended to congregate there.


Brenden Johnson said...

"death-rig" is an awesome description

Steve Eck said...

You can see the 'death-rig' aspect to some extent if you look at the top left piece of scaffolding. See how it is bent inwards? That is because it isn't the same size scaffolding as what it is put on top of, so we couldn't get the cross-braces really connected (you can see the bottom left is unconnected).

So the whole thing moved left to right, which made the planks we are standing on rock back and forth. And then the planks were warpped, so they wanted to roll to-and-from the house.

And then the step-stool was wobbly.

Oh, and the whole thing was built ontop of blocks, so that it would reach high enough and be level (more or less).

So when you were on top of it, everything was rolling back/forth/left/right/whatever. It was kind of like standing on a ship. Except that you were 15 feet off the ground.

No injuries, but it definitely earned the 'death-rig' title, if you ask me.