Thursday, October 07, 2004

Music in the key of A-Z: Update

It's been about a month since I started my foolish quest to listen to all my CDs at work in alphabetical order.

Originally I was projecting that it would take about 2 months to get through all the music. After a month I just reached the Ms, which is pretty much right on halfway through the alphabet. So I should be in good shape for completing this sometime in early November.

I've learned (or remembered, since I've done this before) a few thing in the course of this adventure. First, alphabetically is a really, really, really bad way to listen to your CDs. Its just too hard to listen to 4 Green Day cds, 5 Guns N' Roses cds, or a ridiculous amount of Jay-Z back-to-back.

Almost across the board, the first CD by an artist that I come to, I'm like 'Oh hey, I haven't listened to this for a while, that's cool'. Then cd 2 comes on, and its like 'well, I'm a little tired of this now, but OK', and by cd 3 I am really wishing I could be on to something else. With some other method of ordering the CDs, this wouldn't be a problem.

Second, I've remembered that I own some really bad CDs (The Blueprint: the Gift and the Curse, and Limp Bizkit: Significant Other come to mind). In some cases, there are legitimate reasons why I haven't listened to the cd in a long, long time. Why these CDs haven't been pawned off on Disc-go-Round or someplace, I don't know.

All in all though, it has been fun and gives me something to do. I'm not planning on giving up on it.

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Brenden Johnson said...

Phew...I'm glad that it's not ending. Maybe knowing that you had to listen to Jaz-Z ALL DAY LONG can make some of my bad days seem okay. ;)