Monday, October 11, 2004

Video Games: Knights of the Old Republic (pt 2)

Well, I finally finished Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic this weekend. It took me a while, but I eventually came around to thinking it was a good game. In the end the novelty of having my character run around with two light-sabers carving things up overcame the rather lame force 'powers' he acquired and monotonous quests I had to do.

... ...

The last time I wrote about the game, I was basically complaining about the monotonous nature of the middle of the game. The middle part of the game got bogged down in endless errand quests, and my characters weren't acquiring any cool powers. So I pretty much just got bored with the game. Shortly after I posted that, I turned the corner on 'cool' force powers, and acquired some nifty light-side powers for enhancing the speed of my character. With two lightsabers, the speed force power activated, and 'improved furry' combat ability, I could carve things up in no time.

I also turned out to be much closer to the end then I thought I was, as the last couple 'planets' went really quick compared with the early one.

The force powers actually got a bit ridiculous by the end. With the master version of both speed and flurry, I could launch 6 attacks in the first round, and most things never even got a chance to fight back. I had also found the 'secret' merchant and had acquired the two best lightsaber crystals, so each of my attacks did a huge amount of damage.

After waltzing through the last planet without even taking a scratch, I was suprised to get on the final space-station and encounter (literally) endless waves of enemies. Apparently the designers had anticipated 20th level characters with insane abilities and compensated by sending 5-10 guys at you at a time, and as soon as you polished off those, sending another 10 guys. It was actually sort of cool, because you felt like you actually were singlehandedly wading through an entire enemy army.

I finished the game maxed out on light-side points. I would like to see the dark-side ending, but the game just wasn't exciting enough to make me want to play all the way through it again just to see a different ending.

I also have to mention that I was pleasantly suprised by KOTOR having a plot twist that I was completely not expecting. Sure I had never considered it because it was so ridiculous, but still, I would never have guessed it was coming.

All in all, even though KOTOR couldn't live up to my (admittedly) high expectations, it was a pretty good game. The Star Wars universe setting was able to push it over the edge from medicore to 'above average'.

Next up is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (which gets spectacular reviews everywhere, I'll try to keep my expectations in check).


Brenden Johnson said...

Don't forget this review.

Steve Eck said...

Hey, that is like cheating. Posting a review after I already wrote the entry, and then saying I should have linked to it.

Nonetheless I'll add a link. :)

Brenden Johnson said...

"like" cheating? I was going for full-on surreptitious subterfuge.