Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hardcore, or just Obsessive?

Did you see the new keyboard targeted at those hardcore World of Warcraft players? Check out the 28 key pad on the side, with shortcuts for all the WoW functions.

I thought it was funny that they even labeled basic functions on the standard keys, as if a player of WoW that is hardcore enough to want that keyboard would need reminding that 'S' is used for moving backwards.

It's not as crazy as the Final Fantasy XI Clock that Brenden found long ago, but it is up there.


Brenden Johnson said...

Definitely a sweet Num Pad. Did you take a look at the actual keyboard on the site. It's a crazy modular thing. I think that's actually not too bad of an idea for hardcore gamers (with lots of extra money). Buy the different modules for each game you play. Every little edge counts. They even have a Civ III keyset, you know, for the fast paced world of competitive turn based strategy.

Steve Eck said...

The CivII keymapping is funny, I didn't even notice that when I was checking out the pre-defined maps.