Saturday, February 12, 2005

Movies: Sideways

This afternoon Linzy and I went to go see Sideways, which is up for a Best Picture academy award, and sports an unbelievable 96% rating on RottenTomatos.

Sideways is one of those movies that takes a while to build up, as you have to get to know the characters a bit before you can sympathize with them. The pacing of the film is very deliberate, so it takes a long time for much to happen. Eventually things start moving forward and get interesting, and you really get to know the characters.

Initially I didn't think I was going to enjoy the movie. It is theoretically a comedy, but it is more a character exploration with a few funny moments. By the middle I stopped waiting for funny things to happen and enjoyed the movie for what it is.

Both Paul Giamatti (one of those actors you've seen in lots of movies, but can't name any of them without looking on imdb) and Thomas Hayden Church do a terrific job. I also thought the two supporting actresses, Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen, did a good job as well.

Overall I thought Sideways was interesting and worth watching.


McBrideFarm said...

John and I saw "Sideways" yesterday, in fact, and we both really enjoyed it. I really liked the careful slowness of the movie, in fact--I felt like I really got time to know Miles (I like that kind of thing). And John and I both really liked the portrait of friends who were so vastly different...John said he feels like he's had a lot of friendships like that. :) Thumbs up from me!

Steve Eck said...

John's had naked men chasing him down the street after he broke into their house to steal back his friend's wallet? Yikes, I had no idea :)

I can appreciate the deliberate pacing of the movie, but at the same time I had moments where I thought both of the friends needed a good slap upside the head and told to get it together. :)

McBrideFarm said...