Monday, February 21, 2005

Oracle Class

Whenever I take an Oracle class and listen to the questions/comments asked by other people in the class, I never fail to be reminded that for some people having eight years of experience with Oracle does not mean that you understand it or are good at administering it.

The amount of misleading or downright incorrect anecdotal information bandied about by some of these DBAs makes me shudder.

It did make my day though when I ran into some former co-workers at the class who reported (with no prompting from me) that they are still using the Java application server/website I wrote them as an intern one summer and later worked on while an employee for a year. They've had projects to replace it twice, the second time at a cost of at least $500,000. Each time whatever they were trying to replace it with couldn't match up despite the fact my code hasn't been touched in the 5 years since I left.

In theory they are starting another project to replace it. Apparently I should offer to come in and make the changes they need for half of whatever they were budgeting for the replacement.

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gunroom said...

Seen this so many times. I bet outside firms of consultants were involved.

One good coder can achieve more in terms of providing a stable robust solution which actually writes business, than a dozen consultants, writing architecture documents and talking about design patterns.