Thursday, March 10, 2005


I was reading the beginning of a walkthrough for Final Fantasy 2 tonight, and saw a rather bizarre section entitled "Anti-Plagiarism Format":

If you see something that looks completely out of place, it's probably an anti-plagiarism tag. Given, although the system I'm putting in this FAQ/Walk isn't foolproof, it's my own attempt at anti-plagiarism. I'm pretty sure someone will crack the code, but I'm planning on making it harder than hell for them to do so.

The oh-so-hard-to-crack code was that he added [<16 or 17 characters>] tags to the end of most of the paragraphs.

Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see how that stops plagiarism. After all, if I was going to plagiarize his write-up, I can still do it and leave the tags in place. If I was worried about it, I could just take those tags out. In fact, one little 'perl -npe "s/\[\w{16,17}\]//g" < ff2.txt' and I've got a version without his fancy plagarism tags.

Not that I am planning on plagarizing his walkthrough, it just seemed so strange. Is there a big market for plagarized walkthroughs for video games that came out in 1988?

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