Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Close, But Not That Close

Pippen has always been a bit weird about her chew bones. She likes to work on them nearby, but not so nearby that you might be in a position to take them away.

Now, this isn't all the time, just when she is actually chewing on the bone. Otherwise, she likes to just leave it in the middle of the hall or a major walkway. Any place someone might trip on it in the dark, mainly.

But when she is chewing on the bone, her behavior leads to a unintentional game of cat & mouse, as we walk around the house doing normal everyday things, and she spends the whole time moving her bone from one room to another.

Here was the sequence this morning:

When I was in the bedroom and bathroom, it was safe to be in the bedroom, as long as she was near a door for easy escape.

When I moved to the kitchen, she moved down to the living room.

When I came down to the living room, she moved down to the family room.

When I moved to the office, she came back upstairs to the hallway.

Eventually she took a break, to lay in the sun.

Oh, but I must have looked like I was making a move on the bone, so she had to move it to the living room.

But then she heard something outside and forgot all about the bone, and there it sits for the rest of the day (so far).

Apparently she hasn't quite caught on that I'm not interested in her stinky bone.

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