Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Easy to Please

Some days it doesn't take much to keep me happy.

On Monday it was like 65 and sunny out, and since I had the day off work I decided to wash my car. Despite this seeming burst of inspiration, I am still a lazy car washer at heart, and decided that I wanted to be able to use a spray attachment on the hose to rinse down the car. Alas our $2 plastic spray nozzle went to the big lawn in the sky last year, so I decided I would head over to Target and get a new one.

On the way there, I invented needs for two other car-washing items: a new sponge that would be much softer then the current one, and some car washing soap since I had a lot of salt on the car.

Upon arriving at Target (and making a quick check of their bargain video games), I went back to the car section.

Since it was still March, and this is Minnesota, a good percentage of the product in the car wash aisle was on clearance. Amazingly enough, this included the same spray nozzles which just two aisles over they had started stocking at full price in preparation for spring.

So I got a fancy-lad spray nozzle with a textured rubber handle and ten unnecessary spray types, along with a super jumbo jug of very nice car wash soap for around half price. Throw in the fact that chenille car washing sponges were only $3 and I walked out of there spending a lot less then I was planning on having to spend.

After spending a week at Orlando theme parks, it made me pretty happy to feel like I was getting a deal on something.

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