Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Favorite Meals

While I was driving home today, I started thinking about what I would choose a 'favorite' meal. This came to mind because my dad had chosen ham and scalloped potatoes for his birthday dinner. I was wondering if that was his 'favorite meal', and whether I was a bad son since I couldn't really decide what his favorite meal would be.

But then as I thought about it more, I wasn't sure that I knew what anyone's favorite meal was, including my own. I have lots of meals that I really like (Chicken Tacos, Grilled Brats or Pork Loin, Pizza, Waffles, etc), but I am not sure that I have one that is my clear favorite.

This struck me as totally different then when I was a kid, when I never had to think about what I would want for my birthday dinner or anytime someone asked what I wanted for a meal. Then, the immediate answer would have been Hotdog Pot-Pie, a glorious meal in the eyes of a young kid as it contained nothing but good stuff: hotdogs, eggs, cheese and croissant strips as crust. It was nearly guaranteed to take years off your heart's life-span, but man did it taste good to a 10 year old. Eventually the 'Hotdog Pot-Pie' answer to 'what do you want for your birthday dinner?' became something of a joke because my mom wouldn't make it anymore, but it was still my favorite for a long, long time.

The general consensus from everyone else I talked to about it was that they didn't have a clear favorite either. So I can rest easy that I am not a bad son, at least in terms of not knowing what my Dad's favorite meal is.

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