Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How to Destroy the Earth

This webpage detailing methods to destroy the earth, materials necessary, and how long it will take cracks me up.

I get a kick out of the tone used when describing things like the method 'Blown up by matter/antimatter reaction'

You will need: twelve kilograms of antimatter, magnetic confinement chambers, a very deep hole in the ground.

Method: Choose a good spot. Drill a mine shaft all the way to the centre of the Earth (6,371km down). This is the minimum guaranteed effective depth for your antimatter planetbuster bomb, but roughly 3000km should be sufficient for near-total disintegration. While drilling, manufacture 12 kilograms of antimatter and store it in magnetic confinement chambers for detonation. Place the antimatter at the bottom of the shaft, and switch off the confinement chambers. The resulting release of energy (obeying Einstein's famous mass-energy equation, E=mc2) should be sufficient to, at the very least, split the Earth into a thousand pieces.

Earth's final resting place: A second asteroid belt around the Sun.

[ via Bruce Schneier ]

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