Friday, April 08, 2005

Free as in Not Usable

Yesterday I was amused that on the day when Blogger's headline read "Can I recover a lost post? Yes you Can", the service went in the tank and not only could I not post (which is common), but the service ate my post and was so broken I couldn't even get in to use the shiny new feature to retrieve the lost post.

Today the new headline is "recover post feature offline", as they had to back it out.

It's ironic that the feature they use to crutch up the fact that the service goes on the fritz every few days added so much load that everything got even less stable.

And, okay, I will admit that I wasn't really so amused at the situation last night, when I had just lost my whole post. After retyping it from memory, and finally getting it posted this morning, I can once again appreciate the humor of it all.

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