Monday, April 04, 2005

Sickly Steve

The last 7-10 years, I've been pretty healthy.

When I was a kid I had serious ear infection problems (although not like my sister), and I had allergies (again, not like Sarah) and asthma, but those things all got much better as I grew up.

About the only thing I suffer from these days is an annual sinus infection, some mild allergy discomfort at the end of summer, and a serious runny nose if I am around cats for very long.

Until this year that is.

For the last month I have been sick pretty much the whole time. First was that really nasty sinus infection, the one that predictably couldn't be killed with normal antibiotics, only Augmentin. Then, I caught a 24-hour flu on vacation, and spent an entire evening emptying my stomach of everything I had eaten all week (as well as all the bile dissolving that food).

Now, one of those two doozies has gone and turned into pneumonia. The "coughing up a huge mouthful of phlegm whenever you take more then a shallow breath" kind of pneumonia (although I am not sure if there is another kind). It was a fabulous week last week, as I battled through hoping it was just related to the changing weather and/or that it would go away with some rest.

Luckily I am not 80, so there probably isn't much chance of me dying from it.

[ Update: I had already gone to the doctor when I wrote this, so I knew it really was pneumonia. I wasn't just calling it that. Also, I did get some antibiotics, Levaquin to be exact, and it seems to be working. ]


McBrideFarm said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you're so sick. John and I have both had more illnesses this winter than usual too--but nothing like pneumonia. I hope you get better soon.

newplanet said...


I had that "can't take more than a wasp breath without suffering excruitating pain" thing going on, during my flight from Iceland to Boston. It was NOT fun.

You have my utmost sympathy. Get well soon!

Steve Eck said...

Sarah and newplanet, thanks for the well wishes. The antibiotics seem to be working, so hopefully I'm on the mend.

Luddite Geek said...

Hope you get better. Have you ever heard of a Neti Pot? It's a simple way of irrigating nasal passages to remove loads of ... crud. This somehow lessens the severity of asthma.

My blog entry on the Neti Pot

Steve Eck said...

I've never heard of a Neti Pot, thanks for mentioning it.

I'm not sure I'm OK with the idea of running a stream of water in one nostril and out the other though. I was never that kid in Junior High who could run spaghetti in his nose and out his mouth.