Saturday, May 07, 2005

Overly Complicated

I can make anything into a complicated ordeal.

For example, yesterday after work I was going to go to Sam's Club to pick up two cases of beer for the party today. The plan was to get one case of Heineken, and another case of something else (in theory, whatever struck my fancy).

So when I got in the store I wandered around and located the Heineken and then started looking around at what else they had, so I could pick out something else. However, lazy Steve was out in force, and I decided I didn't really want to carry around a case of bottles while looking at the other beer (which in typical Sam's Club fashion is spread all over two walls of a warehouse-style room).

After wandering around a while, I eventually chickened out at buying a case of something that some people might not like (say Beck's Dark or HOG Microbrews) and decided on the old standby Michelob Golden Draft Light. After picking up a case of that I turned around to go get the Heineken.

However, when I turned around I noticed a stack of limited edition (yeah right) Leinenkugel's Gold Medal Packs. That seemed perfect, because it included 6 bottles of 4 different varieties of Lienie's, Honeyweiss, Creamy Dark, Red, and Amber Light which would be optimal for a party situation where people might like different kinds of beer. So I picked up a case of that, headed to the checkout, paid and went out to the car.

Did you notice the missing step? I picked up the Leinie's, but never put the Michelob back. Thus not purchasing the one kind of beer I had explicitly gone in the store to buy.

After stashing the Leinie's in the truck, back into the store I went. After talking with the guy, he explained they don't take returns, and was not particularly swayed by my "but it's an exchange" argument, nor by my "I just bought this 30 seconds ago, can't you give me a break" argument.

Eventually the manager was waved over, and using my rather limited charm, I managed to convince him to let me return the Michelob. Of course they couldn't do that in the liquor store, I had to go back to the customer service desk. And then back to the liquor store.

But the end result was that I ended up with the beer I had wanted to get, so I guess it was worth it. It just turned out to be a lot more complicated then it would have been if I had been paying attention, and/or not so lazy about carrying a case of beer bottles around for a while.

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