Monday, May 09, 2005

Spring Party: Details

On Saturday we had our spring party, it was a great time. Hopefully everyone else had fun too, it seemed like they did. The turn-out was pretty good, almost exactly what we had planned on.

The weather surprisingly cooperated. It rained fairly hard all morning, and by about 11 am I was starting to get nervous, since the food we were planning required the grill. But, around noon the rain let up and the sun even came out for a while to dry up the puddles. It was still a bit windy, particularly up on the deck, but by early evening it was just gorgeous outside. Since our house isn't laid out particularly well for entertaining (everyone tends to cluster in the kitchen) it helps a lot if half the people can be out on the deck.

This was also the first party since I put together a typically overly complicated multi-room media center setup. So I was able to put together a 12 or 13 hour playlist of highly-rated songs, stream those over the wireless network to the mp3 player located in the basement, and then route that music through the Zone 2 plugs on the receiver to the living room/kitchen. The end result was the same background music playing throughout the whole house.

We ended up going through a lot more of everything (food, beer, etc) then we thought we would, but we just barely had enough. Most surprising was the fact that 13 people ate 12 half-pound hamburgers, 15 brats, 4 bags of chips, a bunch of salads, and were looking for more (especially of the hamburgers which were apparently pretty good). In addition to all the food, some people were on a mission and so we went through quite a few beverages. We drank both cases of beer, plus another 16 bottles that were laying around, along with a fair amount of hard liquor.

Which brings up the only downside to this year's party, the mess. Someone who spent the night apparently got sick in the middle of the night and didn't quite make it to the bathroom. In addition to retiring the inflatable mattress to the trashcan, they also managed to save a healthy amount for the carpet.

So I got to spend most of Sunday morning working on cleaning up the mess. My usual technique of a tablespoon of laundry detergent+a cup of water, followed by a third of a cup of vinegar+a cup of water was fairly ineffective. What did work well though (and is really the only reason I mention this) was Oxy Clean. That stuff is amazing. It still didn't get the job done in one application, but after a few treatments the stain is completely gone.

Of course, the effectiveness of Oxy Clean is apparently directly proportional to its scary toxicity. I was initially using my finger to stir the water and dissolve the crystals. Until my finger started tingling..and then burning. And then even after I took my hand out of the water my knuckles start itching. And a disturbing line formed on my hand where it had been submerged in the water. After washing my hands it was better, but the moral is that they weren't kidding when they said 'avoid prolonged skin exposure' on the container, and by 'prolonged' they meant like a minute.

Regardless, the party was a lot of fun even with the clean-up that was required.


McBrideFarm said...

Hmmm...I'm a little suspicious about the previous post's comments made by a certain someone who apparently indulged in a little too much Bacardi, and how that is related to this post's certain someone who contributed to your now radioactive finger. Just thinkin' out loud.

Steve Eck said...


Actually using all my forensics skills obtained from watching (so far) a season and a half of CSI, I suspect it was in fact a different person.

But I didn't ask anyone who slept down there because it seemed like it would cause needless embaressment

Scooter said...

If someone pukes, it's a success by definition, right?

You live close enough to me that you could have borrowed my steam vac. I bought it a long time ago, even though I was making less money and it was expensive because I thought, I bet I could just put it on a circuit and it would get used constantly. I often buy things with a communist vision in place - i.e. no one I know will ever have to buy one, therefore it didn't cost me $300 or so, but saved all my friends (and family) $100 each so they can treat me to more beer. I felt particularly smart when only a few days later a friend came back from Bockfest in New Ulm with me, sat in the glider rocker, then pitched forward, landing on his stomach and blowing chow across the frontroom carpet into the kitchen. I've followed the same logic with the portable DVD player we own - it makes the rounds to any friends/family going on vacation with kids.

I like your little picture randomizer for About Me - I hadn't noticed that before - I may steal it!

Brenden Johnson said...

Though my memories may be slightly foggy for much of the later portions of the night I also suspect that this grand mess was in fact a different person.
I'll have to tell my story in slightly more detail than I wanted to to clear my good name, but I gotta do what I gotta do.
I feel for you man, that sucks. It was a fun night though.

Steve Eck said...

Oh, I could have used a steam cleaner!

We actually have a little hand-held bissel steamer. But it uses a rechargable battery system that takes an hour to charge and only lasts 5 minutes according to the instructions, even less in real life. So I didn't even try it/forgot about it.

As far as the rotating profile pictures, here is my post on it. It wasn't even really worth a post it is so trivial.

Steve Eck said...

Brenden, I was pretty sure it wasn't you. I'm glad you had fun though.

Dan Phillips said...

Ewwwww Puke on the Carpet and Inflatable Matress. Well its a good thing that you set it up downstairs. When I left in the morning its a good thing I didnt step in a pile of Puke. or i would have been a little upset with the person on the matress ;) I did notice someone on the Couch. But I thought it was Nessy not Brenden :S