Friday, October 14, 2005

The Best House on the Block

Well, as I speculated about a few weeks ago, my neighbors put their house on the market a few days ago. That spurred the inevitable curiosity about how much they are asking.

Talking about that with Linzy made me think of a quote in an article I was reading on MSN Money:

... and everybody thinks their house is better than their neighbor's house.

At first I was thinking that didn't make any sense, but I eventually came around to seeing how it might be true.

It is probably all about what you find important about the house. That important attribute might be raw square-footage, or having a big garage, or maybe having a fancy flooring, or big bedrooms, or lots of not-so-large bedrooms, etc.

Whatever it is, they probably bought the house because of those features, or perhaps added them after the fact. Resulting in everyone being sure that their house is 'better' then the neighbor's.

Anyways, I don't have an amusing anecdote to try to tie in, I just thought it was an interesting statement.


Kelli Olson said...

The nice thing in Polk County in Iowa is we just have to go to the assessor's website and can look up any home in Polk County to find out what it's valued at and how much the last owner paid for it. I think that's the main reason Dan & I got our house for about $15k less than what they were originally asking for.

Steve Eck said...

Yeah, Dakota County has something similar. But it is interesting to see what the homes listed for, versus what they actually sold for.