Friday, October 21, 2005

Books: Journey Into the Void

Way back before I left for the East Coast Trip, I hurriedly finished Journey into the Void, the third book in the Sovereign Stone trilogy. I didn't rush through the book because I wasn't enjoying it, but rather because the copy Brenden gave me was a hardcover and thus not really something I wanted to haul around for two weeks in my carry-on bag.

The book takes place immediately following the second book, Guardians of the Lost, which was good since that one ended with a cliffhanger and I was anxious to find out what happened next.

All my favorite characters were back in the third book, including Baron Shadamehr and the now delightfully evil Lord of the Void, Dagnarus. The character groups were interesting, because the characters were almost all together until the very end of the second book. Then they scattered to the winds and spent the first part of the third book traveling in different directions, only to get pulled back together just in time for the end of the book.

One disappointment with the third book was that there wasn't quite as much plot as there had been in the second book. There was still more then in the rather plotless first book, but not as many twists and turns as you might expect in the final book of a trilogy.

The book provided a satisfactory ending to the trilogy. Weis and Hickman did leave a few things unresolved and left a lot of room for future stories in the world of Lorem. But that is to be expected in the inaugural series in a world they are trying to launch.

All in all I enjoyed the Sovereign Stone trilogy. It really picked up the pace in Wells of Darkness, and introduced several interesting characters. The world was fairly cool and I liked the overall plot of the series. The trilogy wasn't Weis and Hickman's best work, but it certainly wasn't their worst (I'm looking at you Darksword Trilogy). It is worth reading if you enjoy their work.

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