Monday, October 24, 2005

Broken Again

It hasn't been a particularly good week for things not breaking down around the Eck abode.

Among other things, our not-so-trusty dishwasher decided that it was no longer necessary to add soap when washing dishes. For some reason the little compartment that holds in the soap started occasionally not opening during the wash cycle a few weeks ago.

At first it was intermittent and we blamed the problem on new dishwasher soap tablets we had switched to (which I was already blaming for etching my favorite glasses). But then it continued happening even after switching back to regular powdered soap, and started happening more consistently.

The real bad part was that when the problem was intermittent, it was always a crapshoot as to whether anyone would notice that the soap hadn't released before unloading part (or all) of the dishes. Since we tend to rinse everything pretty well before putting it in the dishwasher (because it might sit in there for several days), everything looks pretty clean even without soap. But once you've dumped a fistful of silverware into the drawer, how do you figure out which ones were the somewhat dirty ones? Yuck.

Sears is coming to fix the problem on Thursday, although after my last experience I'm not holding my breathe for it to be fixed on the first visit. At this point, they'd probably be better off just giving me a new dishwasher, since the Thursday visit will be the fifth time they've had to make a service call (one recall and 4 repairs). All those warranty-covered repairs have to be making them lose money. The thing only cost like $400 in the first place.

On a different note, my thought-to-be-fixed DVD burner started burning discs it can't read again. Not as often as before, but often enough to piss me off for the last time. So I ordered a shiny new BenQ DW1640 drive, which according to the reviews I read is one of the best drives at burning readable discs on any sort of media you can dig up. Plus it is twice as fast as my current drive as well as a 16x Dual-Layer burner. And, most importantly, it was a mere $38 on sale at NewEgg. How could I afford not to get one at for that bargain price?


Scooter said...

Everyone I know is having massive meltdowns of their personal electronics, mechanics, and biologics (personal and pets) at the moment - I think karma has realized most people are depending on their tiny raises to help pay for 50% natural gas increases, elevated gas prices, and increases in health coverage, and has decided just to screw them over for a chuckle.

Steve Eck said...

Well, I wouldn't call my malfunctioning dishwasher as a major meltdown, more like an annoyance.

But I can certainly identify with the tiny raises and huge increases in health coverage costs. :)

wleino said...

The dishwasher problem is a pretty easy fix. Most have a simple mechanical switch that releases the door. My guess is they replace that and it will work. As for you dirty dishes, even if the door doesn't open one cycle will have had soap if you put soap into both compartments. So they are as clean as any of the dishes that were in the cupboards at 1212 E 5th.

Steve Eck said...

They would probably be cleaner.