Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dan's Birthday

Yesterday was my friend Dan's birthday, so He, Linzy and I went out for dinner and some drinks. We started the night with dinner at the newly opened Granite City Food & Brewery in Eagan.

Granite City turned out to be pretty nice, although crowded and smoky. The building feels larger then it did when it was Sidney's, but the large open rooms work against it in terms of noise level and air contamination from the smoking section and bar. The selection of homemade beers was decent, although I didn't care for a couple of them (Linzy tried the sampler). My favorite was the "Double-Pull", which was a half-and-half mixture of their Northern Lights Lager and Mai Bock.

The food was good, although a bit on the expensive side of things. Annoyingly Granite City tries to make everything look reasonably-priced by charging extra for things you would expect to be included in a reasonably upscale restaurant. For example, their sandwiches comes with potato chips and it is $1.25 extra to get fries or garlic mashed potatoes. So suddenly that $8.29 sandwich is closing in on $10. Still, the portions were very generous and the food was really good so it didn't feel like a total rip-off.

The place was packed, which meant we felt kind of rushed by the waiter. But after I mentioned something about it, he left us alone to enjoy our dinner. Overall I liked the place, but it was a little expensive for me to consider going there on a regular basis.

After Granite City, we went over to Bumpers Bar in Burnsville to play some darts.

Linzy's dart motion involves a leg kick

Bumpers was another new place for everyone involved, as the only time we had tried to go there (at their old location) the place was too crowded for us to get a parking spot. Bumpers turned out to be pretty much exactly what we were looking for, a laid-back bar where we could hang out, talk, and play some darts. The bar was busy, but not overly so, so we didn't have any trouble finding a table and an open dart machine.

Eventually it started getting late, so we called it a night. I have a great time, and think everyone else did as well.

Linzy and Dan

Linzy and I

Linzy, Me and Dan