Saturday, October 22, 2005

Game Night

Last night my friend Gerard (of Convergence Pictures fame) invited Linzy and I, as well as Dan, Felicia and Vanessa over to his new apartment for a boardgame night. It was a good time. We played several games over the course of the evening, including Uno Attack, Apples to Apples, and Cranium.

Uno Attack was a new game for Linzy and I, and was fairly amusing. It is basically Uno, but instead of drawing cards you hit a button on the card launcher and it shoots anywhere from zero to a fistfull of cards out at you. There are also some new cards added, like trade hands with any other player, discard all cards of a certain color in your hand, and an all draw card.

Since Uno Attack is still more-or-less Uno there isn't a whole lot of strategy involved, but the machine shooting stacks of cards at you does add a bit of humor and randomness to how many cards you were going to end up with. The new cards also added some new twists to the game. Of course, I lost bad on points over the four or five hands we played, so maybe there is some strategy involved that I'm just missing.

After Uno Attack we played two games of Apples to Apples. Everyone had fun playing that game again (or for the first time, in the case of Gerard and Tony). Dan won the first game fairly handily. In the second game, I finally got cards that made sense to my logical brain and was able to pick up a win.

The games of Apples to Apples went pretty quick, so we still had time to play a game of Cranium. I hadn't played that for quite a while, but it was as much fun as I recalled it being. The team of Linzy, Felicia and Vanessa trounced Me and Sean as well as Gerard and Tony. It would have been a complete embarrassment except for a run of really difficult Data Head cards at the final stop in the center of the board that held the girls up long enough for the rest of us to get back to within a respectable distance.

I had a good time, it was fun hanging out with everyone. We'll be getting together again next weekend for a Halloween party, and I'm looking forward to it.

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Dan Phillips said...

Uno attack was a lot of fun. Especially when its shooting cards at someone else. I would like to take this opportunity to call uno in advance for the next game. Just incase I dont get a chance ingame ;)