Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gophers Football Game

Brenden was nice enough to take Linzy and I to the Minnesota Gophers' football game against Ohio State on Saturday. The Gophers came into the game with the number one ranked rushing offense, with the Buckeyes sporting the top run defense.

We had pretty decent seats, on the 11th row of the second level in one of the end-zones (the one near the student section and band, FWIW). Linzy had never been to a Gophers game, and I hadn't been to one for quite a few years, so it was a fun experience. Unfortunately the Gophers didn't manage to pull out a win.

The game was quite a shoot-out, with both team's driving up and down the field more-or-less with impunity during the first half. Ohio State had jumped out to an early lead, but the Gophers made a come back to tie things up at the half. The Buckeyes came out strong in the second half, and by the middle of the third quarter, they started pulling away from Minnesota. By the fourth quarter, it was turning into a blowout with a score of 45-24. The Gophers managed a late touchdown to get the score back to a slightly more respectable 45-31, but they were never really back in the game.

The crowd was really into the game until things fell apart in the second half, so it was a lot of fun being at the game. The announced attendance was like 54,000, but I guessed it to be more like 35,000 people who actually came. It was enough to keep the place loud, but not enough to clog up concessions and the restrooms.

There were a number of really exciting plays we saw, including a long pass to Logan Paine (I think on a 3rd and like 24), a kickoff return for a touchdown by Ted Ginn of Ohio State (he is ridiculously fast), and a number of long runs by both teams. The Ohio State kicker also put on a kickoff clinic, booting every single kickoff (of which there were a lot) out of the back of the end zone, several through the uprights just to show off even more.

The game was a lot of fun, even if the Gophers didn't win. I was glad we got to go.

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