Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Party

On Saturday Linzy and I went to a Halloween costume party at Gerard's new apartment. The party was a combination Halloween party and birthday party for Dan (birthday a few weeks ago), Tony (birthday a few days ago), and Vanessa (birthday in a few days).

As you can see to the right, Linzy and I went as a police officer and convict. For the second year in a row, I was really impressed at how well the costumes came together. Linzy threw my costume together from some random thrift store purchases, a clearance "Special Officer" hat, and a billy club/badge/grenade/walkie-talkie set from the dollar store. Linzy's outfit was store-bought, but required some strategic cuffing and pinning, since the only jumpsuits anyone sold were Big & Tall Men's jumpsuits, none of which Linzy is.

Anyways, the party was a great time, as a number of our friends were there and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was good to see everyone and spend some time playing games and watching movies.

Read on for some of the pictures I took.

The back of Linzy's prison jumpsuit.

Dan's birthday cake (the picture is from one of an unknown person that we found in a book Linzy bought from Half-Priced Books, and Dan and I have traded back and forth for the last couple years).

Me, Linzy and Dan

Felicia was actually willing to have her picture taken

Dan came as a city road worker, complete with shovel to lean on

Brenden was a magic eight-ball

Gerard, Dan, Linzy and Felicia playing cards

Wes showing me how he could stick a bottle cap on his forehead

Brenden cutting out the face of the cake picture

The picture was made out of something that looked less-then edible (but was edible in theory)

Gerard followed the tradition of the host doing the most damage to the new abode during the inaugural party by walking through the screen door while it was shut.

We all thought it was pretty hilarious

Jim showing me the 'creepy eyebrow' look

Linzy (doing some sort of hand-dance) and Gerard (obviously tired at this point)


Scooter said...

If you're aiming for "sexy", I'm pretty sure she has to be the cop and you have to be the convict...but maybe that's just the way it works at my house.

Steve Eck said...

Are you saying a Big&Tall orange jumpsuit on a 5'2" girl isn't sexy?

4-inch triple rolled cuffs are in, I heard.

McBrideFarm said...

You guys look really cute! I think Linzy wins for most comfy-looking costume. I especially like the photo of Linzy hand-dancing next to much day-glo orange...must shield eyes. :)

Steve Eck said...

I thought the picture of Gerard, Dan and Linzy all sitting in a row had way too much bright orange in it too.