Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Puppy Laps

One of Pippen's favorite activities when she is really wound up is doing "Puppy Laps".

A Puppy Lap happens when Pippen is so excited she doesn't know what to do with herself and just needs to run. So she'll turn away from you and take off full-speed tearing around the room, nails making scratching noises against the carpet, back all hunched up as the back legs try to overtake the front ones, in a big circle, until eventually she comes buzzing back by you (or through your legs). It's a bit hard to describe, you probably have to experience it to get the full effect.

The term "Puppy Lap" was coined by Sarah, though I'm not sure anymore if it was in regards to Pippen or Sarah and John's foster dog Tristan. It fits perfectly with the state of mind Pippen appears to be in while racing around the room for no reason, so the name stuck.

The more excited Pippen is, the more Puppy Laps she'll do in a row. So, for example, when Linzy or I come home in the afternoon everyday, she might do one or two laps. When Mom and Dad Eck come over for a visit, she'll probably squeeze a half-dozen or so laps in between laying on her back at Dad's feet. When Mom and Dad Sironen come by, it is usually quite a few laps if she doesn't just dissolve into a peeing mess.

Last night after bringing Pippen back in from a trip outside, she was pretty wound up for who-knows-what reason. So excited that she did 24 laps around the basement while I just stood in one place occasionally stomping my feet like I was going to chase her.

She'd do a couple laps around the table and me in a giant circle. Then she might throw in a figure-eight just for good measure. Then she'd turn the corner on the far side of the coffee table, take a look at me and maybe reverse the direction of the laps.

Twice she got going so fast around the corners that she had to swing wide, leap up onto the couch and run down it's length before leaping back to the ground to continue the lap.

She finished off the performance with the grand finale: two 'ultra-laps'. Those involved running around me, around the coffee table, up the stairs to the living room, around the coffee table and ottoman there (I assume) and back down the stairs. After the second ultra-lap, she did one more loop around me, ran up two flights of stairs to the kitchen, glugged down some water, went into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed.

I guess I can't blame her, I was tired just from watching. It appears to be a lot of work being a Silky Terrier.


McBrideFarm said...

I love it! I can just picture the frantic sprinting. I was expecting the sucession of events following the laps to include--besides chugging water and laying down--barfing. Although, I guess Tristan would work himself up to near-barf-stage sometimes, but never actually barfed afterward. That was reserved for special, surprisingly random occassions only, I guess.

By the way, I think that Dominic or Alyson first used the term "puppy lap," so I can't claim credit.

Steve Eck said...

I don't think Pippen has ever barfed from Puppy Laps. But she does sometimes drink so much water that she'll waddle into the next room and let our a huge belch.

That's real pleasant.