Monday, October 17, 2005

Web Cleaning

Yesterday afternoon I was over at my parent's house helping my Dad install a new bathroom ceiling fan. Since the new fan was significantly larger then the old one, part of the installation involved expanding the hole in the ceiling. Cutting the hole created the expected cloud of dust and particles raining down in the bathroom. A bit later, while I was holding the unit in place I happened to glance down and notice something unique.

Just below where we were cutting the hole there was a small spider web. Covered in dust and chunks of ceiling made it rather obvious, so it caught my eye. Looking closer I could see movement in the web. It was the spider was moving around the web, extracting each tiny chunk of ceiling from the sticky web, carrying it over to the edge of the web, and dropping it off the side. It did this for each and every piece of junk stuck in the web, until finally everything was cleared out.

I can just imagine the spider being all angry that someone was dumping all this crap in its web, making it obvious to all the insects in the area.

Unfortunately for the spider, the dust that made the web so obvious to any would-be-meals in the area also made it obvious to my Mom who vacuumed it up shortly after I pointed out how cool it was that the spider was cleaning the web.

Such is the life of a spider I guess.

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