Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Perhaps it was just the 70 hours I've worked in the last week, but a number of things in the last few days have aggravated me more then usual.

Search boxes you can't paste into on websites

Seriously, what was that designer thinking? That I wanted to type in the 10 character alphanumeric model number by hand, rather then paste the copy in the clipboard? I don't even know how you would go about making it so you couldn't paste into an edit box, but I assume it was harder then, say, making a normal edit box with <input type=text>.

1080p TVs that don't even accept 1080p inputs

Now, I understand that there aren't any 1080p input sources yet, other then a few outrageously expensive DVD players. But there should be soon (a little thing called the Playstation 3), so why would you try to sell me a 1080p TV that won't even accept a true 1080p signal? The thing has HDMI inputs, the HDMI standard supports 1080p, why wouldn't you spend a couple bucks extra and add the additional interfaces to the inputs? It seems a bit premature to call it a 'Next-Generation HDTV' set, when it is just upconverting everything.

Oh, and I am sure that it has a nicer picture then a regular 1080i TV, but it seems short-sighted not to at least get something with an input for 1080p, when it is almost a given that at least Blu-Ray (but not HD-DVD?) will support outputting that resolution.

Just about everything involved with Open Enrollment at work

If there was a way to make things more convoluted, I can't think of it. And it doesn't help matters that every time I turn around the medical plans have found a new way to stick me with increased costs. Oh, and who's idea was it to cut company-provided life insurance from 2x pay to 1x pay? What was that costing to provide, like $1 per month? They probably make that much extra in interest by only paying me once a month. Obviously it's not the cost of replacing that insurance that is the issue here, it's the principle of the matter.

18 of the 36 pages in the Best Buy circular having ads for the Star Wars Episode III DVD

Now, I like Star Wars as much as the next guy, maybe even more. But I thought having an ad reminding me it was coming out on Tuesday on exactly half the pages in the weekly flyer was ridiculous. Not to mention that only one store's flyer had guts to actually print the price they would be charging (and it wasn't Best Buy).

But I've already ranted about that. Which is probably the sign that I should be ending this.


Brenden Johnson said...

Hey, at least you got the Best Buy ad this week, right?

Steve Eck said...

See, that would have been the glass half-full version of my post. :)