Friday, November 18, 2005

Console Launch

You might be wondering what prompted me to launch into a three-part post about the saga I went through to get my Nintendo Entertainment System when I was a kid. Well, it was on my mind because I was seriously considering trying to get a hold of an XBox 360 on launch day next Tuesday. I didn't pre-order a system, which means I would have to go wait in line at Best Buy or Wal-Mart, probably for one of the midnight openings.

Out of all the consoles I've owned, I've only gotten one console at launch. The closest I've come was getting a Gamecube from Linzy for Christmas the year it came out. Usually I wait for the first price drop, or at least until they are readily available and a good selection of games are out. In fact, the lack of quality games was a huge problem when I got the Gamecube, and I spent 8 months with only a single game for it.

Still, I've been drooling over the possibilities of an XBox 360 for quite a while. And it seemed like something interesting to do, try to get one on midnight the night it came out. Plus the launch title selection seems to be pretty good, with Project Gotham Racing, Kameo: Elements of Power, and Perfect Dark Zero.

But in the end, practicality won out. It just seems stupid to spend close to $500 on the premium system and a game, when I have drawers full of games I've never played for the console I already own. So, you won't see me at Best Buy on Monday night.


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Brenden Johnson said...

Practicality schmacticality!

How can you afford not to get an XBox 360?