Monday, November 21, 2005

The Flavor That Should Not Be

In a habit I probably inherited from my Dad, I happen to like a piece of hard candy after lunch and dinner. At work I have a big Sam's Club bag of peppermints, and pretty much every day after lunch I enjoy one. At home I tend to prefer Jolly Ranchers.

I've softened a bit as I aged, but when I was a kid, I only liked red Jolly Ranchers. My Mom and Dad loved me enough to rifle through the pick-a-mix bins at the grocery store and pick out only red Jolly Ranchers (and ideally only Watermelon ones). As I got older and went away to college I was the one rummaging through the bins to make sure I only got red Jolly Ranchers. And today I am lucky enough to have a wife who will put up with my strange preferences and bring home a bag full of Steve Approved Jolly Ranchers flavors.

Occasionally however, I'll end up with one of the pre-packaged Jolly Ranchers bags. Perhaps they were on sale, or I got them as a gift, but whatever the reason it seems slightly insane (even for me) not to eat them just because they aren't Red.

For the most part, I still enjoy the other flavors, and in some ways they are even a nice change of pace. The other night, however, I ran into quite possibly the worst flavor Jolly Rancher ever:


This flavor has no place in civilized society.

Now, I eat a little can of pineapple every day at lunch. I'll drink pineapple juice, and in general I enjoy pineapple. I don't particularly care for bananas, but it is not because of their taste, but because of their texture. I don't like the soft, slimey, mushiness of a banana. However I do like generally like banana flavored things, like strawberry-banana yogurt, banana bread, banana cream pie, etc.

You'd think that the combination of two flavors that I like (or really like, in the case of pineapple) would be a hit. But, instead it was hideous. I can't put my finger on exactly what it was the ruined the flavor, but whatever it was, I despised it.

In the end I was reduced to sifting through the jar of Jolly Ranchers, pulling out all the Pineapple-Banana candies and throwing them away. I felt guilty about the waste, but there was no way I was going to eat them.


wleino said...

Banana flavored candies should all be thrown away. The artificial banana flavor is repulsive.

McBrideFarm said...

Yuck. That does sound gross. I'm with Bill on saying Down with Artificial Banana Flavoring. Blech.

(Can I also say--in the best spirit of little sister ribbing--that I find it amusing that you still eat a little can of pineapple with your lunch? Just like junior high! :) )

Steve Eck said...

What can I say, I like pineapple and those little cans are handy. I figure it is healthier then tossing a couple cookies in the lunch bag.