Sunday, November 20, 2005

Game Night

Last night Linzy and I went over to Gerard's apartment for the second monthly Game Night. This time we were joined by Dan, Nikki, Brenden and Sean. Felicia and Vanessa couldn't make it.

Just like last time, it was an enjoyable evening. We tried some different games, Catch Phrase and Dominoes. Catch Phrase was a big hit, as always, although the team of me, Dan and Brenden (and Gerard for a time) was pretty much unstoppable. Obviously we all think too much alike.

Dominoes was also a lot of fun. We played Mexican Train rules, which is fairly complex game to try and teach 3 people at once. We battled through though and I think with one exception everyone eventually caught on. Brenden won the game rather handily, although up until the last round Dan was giving him a run for the money. The rest of us were all mired at the bottom, battling it out for last place.

We ended the night with idle conversation, mostly revolving around Gerard's plans to pick up an XBox 360 on launch day, and my own flawed recollection of console release dates [ For the record, the Playstation was released in 1994 and the Nintendo 64 in 1996, not the other way around ].

It was a fun night.


McBrideFarm said...

Until I noticed the bag of pretzel rods, I thought Linzy was smoking a cigar...phew! Just a pretzel! :)

Steve Eck said...

Ahh yes, thankfully Linzy hasn't taken up smoking stogies.