Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Misc. Updates

A few follow-ups on previous posts.

New DVD Burner

The new DVD burner works just as well as advertised. Not only is it much faster then the old one (given appropriate media), but it hasn't burned an unreadable disc yet. Well worth the $40. Now I just have to get some dual-layer discs.

Broken Dishwasher (same post)

The repairman replaced the entire soap dispenser unit with a different style. He didn't seem surprised at all to hear that it was malfunctioning once he looked at what kind it was. He said something to the effect:

Ahh, you have an XYZ-50.6 dispenser. This isn't the first one of this type of dispenser that I've replaced, if you know what I mean. I'll replace with with a YXZ-60.5 dispenser, they seem to work better.

Since the repair, it's been cleaning all the dishes just fine.

Fantasy Football

As the season reaches the halfway point, it's become very apparent that my team is bad. I started the season off with a loss, but won three straight to pull into a tie for third place. Then the free-fall started as injuries, bye-weeks, and bone-headed managerial decisions wrecked havoc, causing the Arena Football All-Stars to lose 4 consecutive games.

Three of those games were close (one was lost by less then 3 points, and two others were lost by about 10 points), but one was a 119.40 - 64.35 embarrassment. My team pulled out a win this week (thanks to a bye-week and injury depleted opponent), but we're still only 4-5 for the season and in 8th place. Not good.

Video Games

I haven't had any video games to talk about, because I haven't finished anything for a long, long time. During the end of summer I started playing Tales of Symphonia and had gotten a ways in. But when work started really cranking up in late August, any free time I had that I felt like spending on video games totally disappeared. I enjoyed the game, but I just didn't have much time to play it. And then lately I've been playing Civilization 4 a bit, and really enjoying that.

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