Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mystery Package

When I got home from Duluth on Friday, it had snowed a bit so I was out shoveling the driveway off. When I had finished and was walking back up the driveway I noticed something that had escaped my notice earlier: a package on the front steps.

We weren't expecting anything (that I knew of), but it is that time of year, so I didn't think to much of it and carried the box inside. Later, I inspected the package more closely and realized it wasn't addressed to us.

Well, it was addressed to our address, but the name it was sent to was Cassandra Gavitte. The return address was for R. Lambert's PO Box in Big Bear Lake California, also something that didn't ring any bells for me. Our mailman had picked up on the strange 'To' name and written two question marks on the outside of the package. I guess to indicate his confusion over why we were suddenly getting Cassandra's packages. Interestingly the package had delivery confirmation on it, which totally failed in this case since the package was in fact delivered, just not to the right person.

Unfortunately for Cassandra and Mr. Lambert, the box is too big to fit in our mailbox (thus the reason it was sitting on the front step), which means getting rid of the stupid thing is going to require a lot more effort then I would like. Ideally we would just write "No Such Person at Address", throw it in the mailbox and eventually it would make its way back to the sender. Instead someone will have to actually drive over to the post office, wait in the sure-to-be-long holiday lines, and talk to someone about refusing the package.

Precisely to my point you'll note that I used the term "is going" in reference to getting rid of the package. Ie. We haven't actually gotten rid of it yet. Soon though Cassandra, soon.

On a whim yesterday night I tried looking both people up, to see if maybe they just got the street wrong and I could just drop the package off at the Gavitte's house. But they weren't listed. R. Lambert however was, he apparently owns Big Bear Pharmacy in Big Bear Lake California. So now, not only am I getting spam e-mail trying to sell me drugs over the Internet, but am actually getting spam packages filled with those same drugs-via-the-Internet.

I wonder what Cassandra was ordering. Hopefully not anything critical to her continued survival.


Shawn said...

I would have so opened it. Like anyone is going to know!

Steve Eck said...

Ahh, so you would think. Check out the update from today. :)