Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well, everyone made it back from Thanksgiving safe and sound, me on Friday, Linzy and my parents today. Linzy and I had a good time in Duluth with her family, even though it was a short trip for me.

We drove up to Duluth on Wednesday afternoon and ate dinner with Linzy's parents. Then I went over to my friend Bill's house to check out the new sauna and tile work that was done. I was just a couple days early for the real excitement though, as they had their first child on Friday afternoon.

On Thursday we spent the day with Linzy's family, Grandma and Grandpa, Great Aunt, and an Uncle and Aunt and Cousin on her Mom's side. Linzy's mom cooked up a storm, with pretty much everything you could imagine for a Thanksgiving meal. She even had two kinds of pie for those who don't like Pumpkin pie, as well as a lot of brownies thrown in for good measure.

Thursday night I played some Civilization 4, and then played a fun game of Hearts with Larry, Sandy and Linzy. Larry ended up winning, but only because of my failed attempt to shoot-the-moon on the last hand. Of course, it wouldn't have even been that close, except for Larry's failed attempt at the same thing the turn before. He's quite the card shark.

On Friday we ran some errands and then Linzy, Larry and I went out for lunch. After that I headed home, and spent pretty much the rest of the 'holiday' weekend working. Fun.

Anyways, other then the intrusion of work, it was a fun holiday. We had good food, fun family time, and I even got to spend some time with Bill, who I rarely get to see.

Some pictures:

Linzy and Sandy

Grandma Eileen and Linzy

Steve talking with Larry, Tex thinking perhaps he'd like a piece of pie any day now, and Jason playing on of the infamous Sironen solitaire machines.

Linzy and I

Inez, Sandy, Bernice and Grandma Eileen

Don't hug the brother-in-law, he isn't amused.

Even Bambi gets a good meal at the Sironen house on Thanksgiving.


wleino said...

You look like you really enjoy hugging the brother-in-law.

Steve Eck said...

I certainly thought I was funny...