Monday, December 12, 2005


Tonight we had a rather strange combination of things to do:

  • We stopped and dropped off a gift for friends who just had a brand-new baby.
  • We stopped and dropped off a hot-dish (casserole) for a friend whose mother died unexpectedly in her sleep last week.

It was strange going from the joyful, optimistic house with the new baby to the somber house where my friend was obviously and understandably distressed over the loss of his mother.

To complete the bizarre collection of tasks, afterwards we went to Target and picked out a new shower curtain. The previous one got ruined in the washing machine tonight and we are having people over on Saturday, so we needed a replacement.

It was as if the whole evening was everyday-normal, when it was clearly not. But at the same time, what else are you supposed to do...

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