Saturday, December 10, 2005

Full Car

Today I was driving home from the store after running some errands. As I pulled up to a stop light, the car behind me caught my eye.

You see, it was a 2-door Chevy Cavalier packed to the gills with 4 adults and a Great Dane. The dog had its massive head hanging over the drivers shoulder and out the window, I think at least in part because it wouldn't have fit in the car anyway.

Now, I was the indirect owner of a 2-door Chevy Cavalier via Linzy, so I am well aware of just how small they are. Not Scion Xa small, but pretty small for four adults, without a 150 pound dog.

As it happens, that wasn't the fullest car I have ever seen.

That honor rests with a car I saw on the Spanish Channel in college. There was some game show on, where the competition was between two teams to see who could fit more team members into a medium-sized sedan. The winning team fit 20 (or maybe 21) people into the car. They were packing people in like logs, and then squishing them down.

It didn't really look like much fun, judging from the smushed faces you could see in the windows. But it was fairly amusing at the time, despite not being able to understand what the announcer was yelling at people.

I guess the Cavalier today could have fit in another 15 people or so, given the proper motivation.

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