Friday, December 09, 2005

Guitar Hero

Today I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of Guitar Hero.

Now I hadn't been looking all that hard, but I was keeping my eye out for it at Best Buy. Mainly because it is 10%-off coupon weekend this weekend, and also because their website was offering it for 15% off and I wanted in-store pickup if possible.

Earlier this week we were there and Linzy was grilling the employee about when they were getting the game in. He said they were having a terrible time keeping the game in stock. He also let us in on the fact that they were supposed to be getting 50-60 copies today.

So, like the loving wife she is, Linzy was watching the website this morning and noticed that one local Best Buy was offering in-store pickup. She quick ordered me a copy, and I went to pick it up after work. Surprisingly when I went into the store, they had a huge bi-fold sign in the middle of the entrance area announcing:

Guitar Hero Now in Stock!

I guess they weren't kidding about it being popular.

I've only played the game a bit, but it is tons of fun. There is just something about playing along to ThunderKiss 65 and the other songs that is cool. I can't wait to unlock Symphony of Destruction and Bark at the Moon.

Now I just have to get a second guitar controller for two player guitar battles...

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