Sunday, December 18, 2005

Linzy Graduation Party: Pictures

Last night we had a party to celebrate Linzy's graduation from school. A lot of people showed up and I think everyone had a good time. I know I did.

I took some pictures, although most are of people playing Guitar Hero, which was the undisputed hit of the night. Everyone who tried it (and nearly everyone did) loved it.

Linzy's graduation cake

The living room is a far cry from when we first moved in and it was completely devoid of furniture. I thought it looked pretty nice with all the Christmas decorations up.

Vanessa and Dan playing Guitar Hero

Shawn and Megan

Andy and Laura

Katie and Brittany showing off their rock star skills

Anita, Vanessa and Linzy


Gerard trying to dethrone Felicia after she had won several games in a row

None of the shots of people playing Guitar Hero really capture all the amusing body english people try to use when playing a really close guitar duel on a rocking song. So, I present these shots showing some of the gyrations Tony and Brenden went through while playing Guitar Hero. You really have to see the full-sized versions to appreciate the faces the two are making while playing.

Waiting for the final verdict of who won

It was a fun night!


Brenden Johnson said...

That's awesome! That was one special song there. I didn't get that into it every song, did I?

That was so much fun though.

McBrideFarm said...

Classic. I love it. That looks like a great game! (And a fun party.)

Brenden Johnson said...

I would like to say that I had had a little to drink (just like a real rock guitarist) and that while playing I transformed into a Rock and Roll Legend (who since the dawn of the power chord have not had control over their facial muscles during a sweet solo).

A friend of mine commented "Okay, you looked goofy, but did you win?"

I replied that with moves like these, that when I played *everybody* won.

Steve Eck said...

Sarah, It was a very fun party.

Brenden, this game was much later in the night, so I think you were more into it then the earlier ones. Although you had some pretty classic faces in some of the other pictures I took too...

Brenden Johnson said...

I guess they don't call the hardest group of songs "Face Melters" for nothing.