Friday, December 02, 2005

Movies: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Last Sunday Linzy and I found time to sneak out and catch the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We hadn't been to one for quite a while, and were looking forward to seeing a movie.

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Harry Potter. Despite my general enjoyment of fantasy books, I haven't read the books. And although I've seen all the movies, they aren't really my favorites. I didn't mind the first two, but I didn't enjoy the third very much at all. Linzy, on the other hand, really likes the Harry Potter movies and was enthusiastic about seeing the Gobblet of Fire.

I thought the Gobblet of Fire was OK, but not great. It was definitely better then the third movie. There was a fair amount of action, and the plot moved along at a brisk pace (too brisk if you ask Gerard). There was a lot of story to tell, and the movie felt "full" in terms of moving along the story arc and really showing how the main characters were growing up. The rest of the characters in the movie were pretty much caricatures.

The special effects were good, and for the most part slipped into the film in a way that you couldn't really notice when they were there (the hallmark of high quality effects). I particularly liked the dragons, the hornbacked dragon was quite cool even if it did remind me of dragon from Reign of Fire.

My main complaint about the movie is the same as what my complain about the Harry Potter movies always is: the story, twists, and mysteries are almost laughably simple. Now granted they are/were primarily children or young adult books, but it still seems like J.K. Rowling could take a risk here or there.

Anyways, the movie wasn't all bad and I did enjoy it for the most part. I'll probably continue watching all the rest of the movies. Who knows, maybe by the time we get to the book where someone dies (6?) the writing will start getting more complex.


McBrideFarm said...

Um, I'm sure you know this, but in Harry's defense I had to say: The books are WAY better than the movies; you should read the books. The plot twists and turns are still rather easy to figure out, but the better parts of the books are the characters, especially Harry's character. In the movies, he's a fairly flat character. And you don't have to deal with terrible acting in the books. :)

(I didn't like the first book, thought the second was okay, and was sucked into the series by the third. I hated the first movie, fell asleep during the second, and started liking them more by the third. I really liked this one, though it felt really choppy.)

Steve Eck said...

I agree that this one felt choppy, I think that was because of the hyperactive editing and the fact that they had a LOT of story to squeeze into 2.5 hours.