Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Movies: The Longest Yard

Last weekend Linzy and I watched The Longest Yard (the 2005 remake, not the original). I can't say I was all that impressed.

For some strange reason when Linzy told me that the Longest Yard was coming next in the mail I was thinking "Oh, that will be funny, so it should be good.". I honestly have no idea what I was basing that on.

The reviews are terrible, and I don't think I know anyone who had seen it (and so would have given me some sort of review). I guess I was just assuming since the original is considered a classic that the remake wouldn't be terrible.

In retrospect that seems like suspect logic.

The biggest problem with the movie, I think, was that it just wasn't all that funny. It certainly had some funny moments, but on the whole most of the jokes were only worth a chuckle or roll of the eyes, not a laugh.

I'm not sure if the original movie was a comedy, but that was what I was expecting from the remake given that it stared Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Instead they had to spend a lot of screen time developing the plot, how he got in jail, how he won over the other inmates, how they prepared for the game, etc. There were jokes worked in, but for some reason most of it didn't really strike me as all that funny.

The cast was littered with cameos/non-actors. You had Nelly, Michael Irvin, Bob Sapp (former Viking), Kevin Nash, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, Brian Bozworth, Chris Berman and Bill Romanowski playing various supporting roles. That certainly didn't help the acting.

Anyway, the movie wasn't all bad, as I mentioned there were certainly a few funny moments. Also, most of the football portions were pretty well done, which helped keep things interesting. But on the whole I just didn't enjoy the movie much.

I guess I am just getting too old for Adam Sandler movies.

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Linzy Eck said...

Steve Lies! This was a great movie!
And you can never to be to old for Adam Sandler movies! Unless it was Little Nicky.