Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mystery Package: Update

When I wrote yesterday's update about the Mystery Package we received after Thanksgiving a day earlier (that is, on Tuesday night), I still hadn't gotten around to figuring out how to return Cassandra Gavitte's Internet Drug package. In my defense, we had gotten it over the holiday weekend, and the Eck package returning service doesn't run on the weekend. We really were planning on sending it back though.

However, before we could, yesterday morning at 8am Linzy got a phone call from the post office wanting to know where the package was. She replied honestly that it was sitting on the ledge by our front door waiting for someone to find time to return it.

The lady started pressuring Linzy as to when exactly that would be, saying that Cassandra was calling the office daily looking for the package. Linzy said she would go over to the post office today to return it. That apparently wasn't good enough, the lady started demanding to know when Linzy would be coming by. As if it was somehow our fault that the package was sent to the wrong address.

When Linzy would commit only to 'when she got around to it', the lady launched her last salvo. Saying the package had to be returned to the Farmington post office, instead of whatever post office was most conveniently located.

Now, it happens that there are no fewer then four post offices closer to us then the Farmington one: Apple Valley, Lakeville, Rosemount, and even Burnsville. The closest, Apple Valley is a mere 2.06 miles away.

But instead, because of someone else's mistake (and not even the post office since they delivered the package where it was addressed), Linzy had to get 8am phone calls and drive the package all the way down to Farmington. Actually, I'm surprised the lady on the phone didn't just give Linzy the right address and tell her to go drop it off.

While I understand Cassandra's concern over getting her package, I'm sort of annoyed at how things were handled. We could easily have just thrown the package in the snow by the mailbox after refusing delivery of it. But that would have ruined the package and possibly the contents, and it seemed like the right thing to try to return it to the sender.

But then the post office treats us like we are trying to keep the package of our own personal gain because it took a couple days before we could find time to get to the post office while it was open (which isn't often if you actually have a day job). And in some ways they are lucky I hadn't done anything with the package, because if I had it would have been to drop it off in Apple Valley and it would have been winging its way back to California.

Oh well, at least Cassandra got her drugs.


McBrideFarm said...

Weird. That is just weird. Cassandra must be an ol' meanie to strike such fear in the hearts of postal workers!

Bill Roehl said...

Being that I live in Townhouse Hell, I routinely get packages meant for other individuals.

I have never had a problem with the USPS as I usually just deliver the package to the correct address myself. In the single instance that the package was addressed to my house I just returned the package to the Apple Valley post office and told them it wasn't for me (it was filled with personal lubricants).

UPS, however, is an entirely different animal. They usually ask for a bunch of information other than my home address and then ask me where it should be delivered.

That is never any of my concern and I just ask them to please come and pick it up.

Honestly, I have *never* in my life experienced such confusion with mail delivery as I have since moving to Apple Valley in 2004.

At least it gives me something to write about :)