Thursday, December 22, 2005

Party Casualty

Our party attendees on Saturday was surprisingly well behaved. Other then the empty Sam Adams carton being hurled across the garage (in rage at it being empty? I have no idea), there weren't any spills, broken knickknacks, etc. Or so I thought.

On Monday evening, when I went downstairs to watch some recorded shows and run on the treadmill, the media center couldn't find the PC upstairs. Unfortunately that isn't all that uncommon, but when I went to reboot the DWL-G820 wireless bridge didn't have the usual flashing link light. That isn't very normal.

After some troubleshooting, it turned out that the DLink was totally dead. The power light comes on, but it doesn't even attempt to connect to the network, and can't be connected to directly from the network port. I took the whole thing apart to see if there was anything obviously damaged inside, but it is just one circuit board with a few attachments, and nothing looks out of place or burned up.

In fitting luck, the stupid thing was almost precisely 1 year and 1 month old with a one-year warranty. I tried calling India D-Link, hoping they had some top-secret hardware jumper reset mechanism, but they asked if I had tried using a different ethernet cable and then sent me to some website with instructions on RMAing it if it was still under warranty.

So now I'll have to buy a new bridge, and I'll probably end up buying exactly the same item despite its less-then-stellar reliability since it is the only one compatible with the enhanced 802.11g router I have. With all the videos I stream through it, I am convinced the extra speed is helpful.

I guess that will teach me to keep the poor little wireless bridge on the floor in front of the TV, when people are rocking out to Guitar Hero.

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