Thursday, December 15, 2005

TV: Lost

Tonight I finally finished watching the first season of Lost and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Originally I was resisting watching the show because I didn't want to get hooked on show where the basis for everything was a giant mystery that would be ever-so-slowly revealed over the course of the next ten years. But then I would hear from all kinds of people how great the show was, and eventually caved.

The show turned out to be really good. Yes it moves at a snail's pace sometimes, in terms of revealing the mystery of the island. But they did do a good telling the stories behind each of the main characters, so that made up for it a bit.

The characters were actually probably my favorite part of the show. For some reason I really enjoyed how everyone interacted (usually not very well) and how everyone had an interesting backstory behind how they got on the plane and what was going on in their life before.

My only real complaint is that now I'm hooked and nearly caught up with the current season. And once I get through the next nine episodes, I'll have to wait weeks between episodes instead of just watching them all at my own pace.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the first season, and highly recommend Lost.


Scooter said...

You must have taped or tivoed the current season? Pooteewheet and I watched the first season on Netflix and are now on hiatus until the next series of disks comes out.

Steve Eck said...

Yep, I've got the second season episodes so far recorded.

I like to be able to watch the episodes at my own pace, so I try to wait for the whole season to be complete before I go back and watch them. Sometimes I'm not able to wait though....