Friday, January 06, 2006

Grand Plans

I finished a book the other night, and while procrastinating about writing up a little post on it, I was looking through the list of books I wrote posts on last year. I only wrote posts about 20 books last year, and as far as I can recall I wrote something about every book I read. 20 books in a year isn't too bad, but I would have liked to have averaged a nice even 2-per-month.

Looking through the list was interesting, as it made me recall each book. Unfortunately it also reminded me of my claim in late January that I was going to be adding more variety to what I read. Branching out from the almost exclusively fantasy selection I normally read before turning in for the night.

Let's see how I did...

So, that makes 12 Fantasy books, 2 Auto/biographies, 2 SciFi books, 2 Spy Thrillers, and 2 other books. And 10 of those fantasy books came after I claimed I would be branching out. Not particularly impressive.

In my defense, I read the same number of fantasy books January - June that I did July - December (1 per month), it is just that my reading pace slowed so that I was only reading one book per month (and it happened to almost always be fantasy).

I came to the conclusion that it didn't matter if all I read for entertainment at night was fantasy books, if that is what I enjoy; I read plenty of more diverse things throughout the day.

It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the other books (I did for the most part), it's just that I have so many fantasy books stashed away in the house waiting to be read, it seems silly to go out of my way not to read them. Especially when many are by proven -to-be-entertaining-to-me authors.

Anyway. Basically, this was just a long winded-way of saying "I'll read what I want to read, forget that old January post".


McBrideFarm said...

60% fantasy isn't all too shabby. You should spend the majority of your time reading what you enjoy, and that's what you did. Now, if you had said, "I'm going to branch out more" and then read one sci-fi book before turning back to all fantasy, that would be something to call shabby. :)

My only reading goal is (pointlessly, really) to break last year's total, hopefully hitting 30 (without stacking the deck, so to speak, by reading three more children's books or something lame like that).

Steve Eck said...

I would be hard pressed to finish 30 books in a year. I've noticed as I've been busier that my normal 20-30 minutes of reading a night is more like 10-15 minutes.

That's why I dropped from reading two books a month in the first half of last year, down to one per month for the second half.