Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kitchen Cabinets

While we were in Duluth over Christmas, I filled up my last two days helping my father-in-law Larry install his new kitchen cabinets. He's had them sitting in the basement for quite a while, but hadn't had anyone to help him install them. Since I didn't have much interest in shopping the post-Christmas sales, I suggested that we install the cabinets.

It turned out to be an interesting little project. I had never installed pre-built cabinets (only helped build custom ones), and it was a little more work then I was originally envisioning. Mostly because the floor was a lot less level then you might think it would be.

The theory isn't really all that complicated, basically you just shim the cabinet until its level and then attach it to the wall. But it gets a bit putzy if you want to get the cabinets really level. And I've never met a task I can't be a perfectionist at.

In the end I think the cabinets turned out pretty good, and I was glad I was able to help out. It certainly isn't a job one guy can do very easily.

The original cabinets (there were only really two, the sink 'cabinet' was just a fa├žade)

Apparently the original installers couldn't be bothered to find the stud by knocking on the wall.

The kitchen with the cabinets removed

We found a calendar that had fallen alongside the cabinets from 1992.

As usual, the son-in-law just standing around taking pictures while Larry works.

The final result (excepting the cutting of the shims, and installation of the bottom panel, a new countertop, etc)


McBrideFarm said...

Those look really nice! Good work, dutiful son-in-law.

Steve Eck said...


Brenden Johnson said...

We may have an opening for you at Anderson Millwork one day if you keep up your skills. :)

Steve Eck said...

I think you might be disapointed in the speed with which I install cabinets. :)